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Today: Jun 01, 2023

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“Development toward Asianization in the Digital Era” 

“Development toward Asianization in the Digital Era” as the major theme, has interested those from all sectors, not only public sector, but also private sectors. The theme refers to today’s and future challenges and opportunities that need to be learned and that require an intense attention. Toward the digital era, a significant shift in emphasis occurred in Asian values. This is an extremely complex phenomenon influenced by political changes, a reviving indigenous culture, climatic change, the digital economy's growth engine, and the rapidly changing technology. For this reason, development towards Asianization is extremely important in highlighting the key factors behind Asia’s competitiveness growth in the fourth industrial revolution, which are crucial to economic cooperation, the adoption of digital technologies and innovations. Cooperative think tanks are also vital to Asia’s promotion by fostering Asian ecosystems through Asian people-centered cooperation and sustainable development in the age of digital transformation.

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